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KAPETANOVO CASTLE - Stari Lec / Serbia

Kapetanovo is a Neo-Gothic castle located in the village of Stari Lec, in the Plandište municipality in northeastern Serbia. In 1991, it was included on the national list of monuments of culture of great importance, and since then it has been protected.


KAPETANOVO CASTLE - Stari Lec / Serbia

The Castle “Kapetanovo” is located in the area outside of the town along the road Zrenjanin -Vršac nearby the town of Stari Lec. It has two entrances, and it was surrounded thereby a spacious park (now defunct) with a fountain.

Kapetanovo Castle is an example of neo-gothic architectural concept of harmonious proportions with all the characteristics of romantic ideas about the type and form of the building for this purpose.

As a phenomenon, Kapetanovo represents a rare example of “the field castles.” With its location outside of the village as well as appropriate architecture, it represents an extremely interesting example of the pseudo-medieval castle. The castle is a cultural monument of great importance.

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