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BELGRADE UNDERGROUND TOUR – Get known underground secrets of Belgrade

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Belgrade underground tour - After a brief welcome speech we will take a short walk to the Kalemegdan Fortress. During our vist of Kalemegdan we’ll see some of the most interesting points hidden from the everyday life...


Belgrade underground tour – Get known underground secrets of Belgrade


Discover the other side of Belgrade! Get known other side of Belgrade history by visiting Kalemegdan and its underground facilities. Belgrade underground reveals the most hidden secrets of this city! Rich history is kept by caves, dungeons, tunnels, bunkers, and numerous constructions demolished and built by nations that settled here during time. Underground tells the legend about Belgrade from Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian period.


Excursion program:

The meeting of the group is at the agreed time at the Republic Square (or group agreed place of meeting). After a brief welcome speech we will take a short walk to the Kalemegdan Fortress. During our vist of Kalemegdan we’ll see some of the most interesting points hidden from the everyday life. You will see Roman well (Roman Well, one of Belgrade’s most mysterious attractions, built at the beginning of the 18th century, during the baroque reconstruction of the fortress. It is believed that it was constructed upon a much older one, two thousand years old Roman well that provided water to the Roman castrum in case of siege), antique bunkers which were used by Josip Broz Tito, Austrian gunpowder storehouse which today servers as a small museum with exhibitions from the period of Roman Empire.

We will continue our tour with a visit to the center of creativity and fun – place of city center called Savamala, old trade center of Belgrade where you will have a chance to see how food and beverage were kept in the underground storages.

Finally, you will be provided with free wine in the most unusual wine cellar.


Participation:  all tickets included as well as the services of the local guide and wine tasting

Duration : 3h cca ( depending of the size of the group).


Price  12€ per person


Belgrade is the only capital in Europe which is positioned on two rivers – the Danube and the Sava. In fact, it sits at the confluence of these two rivers for around 7,000 years. Over its long and tumultuous history, the Serbian capital has been destroyed 40 times and changed rulers over 60 times. 
Although it is one of the world's oldest cities and being inhabited since the 279 BC, the contemporary Belgrade – Beograd or the White City - is thoroughly cosmopolitan, with large avenues, neoclassical and art-nouveau edifices next to the contemporary buildings and high-standard hotels. It is a modern European city where everyone feel at home in no time. 


Belgrade is a home to more than 2 million people. It is the political, social, cultural, financial and commercial center of Serbia. Its present-day urban scenery reflects rocky history, multi-cultural personality as well as the world-class infrastructure and facilities. Belgrade offers high standard accommodation, indulgent shopping, endless wining and dining, and a lively, very pulsating nightlife. In a nutshell - affordable hedonism throughout the year.


With its casual atmosphere, Belgrade offers a spontaneous welcome to visitors. With its huge accommodation capacities Serbian capital can provide a fine lodgings to one and all who come for a visit no matter of the reason. The rich offer is ranging from inexpensive hostels to five-star hotels and top-notch suites.   

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